Seeing Sichuan from Satellite⑤|the City Parks Series: Chengdu Guixi Eco-park


Looking down at Sichuan Province, also named the land of abundance, from the sky, you would see more and more cities are decorated in green. Countless eco-parks and wetland parks which play their roles as cities' lungs and oxygen bars turn the cities into beautiful and admirable large parks.


Time witnesses these changes. Seeing Sichuan from Satellite is rolling out the City Parks Series, taking you to experience the transformation of city parks’ system from a viewpoint from 10,000 meters high.

公园城市系列第一期 成都桂溪生态公园

Episode 1 of the City Parks Series: Chengdu Guixi Eco-park


Located at an advantageous position in the Gaoxin District of Chengdu, with a planned area of 1,400 mu, the coverage area of Guixi Eco-park equals 9 Chengdu People's Park.

夏末秋初是桂溪生态公园最美的时候。川报观察记者 郝飞 摄

The early summer sees the most beautiful views of Guixi Eco-park.


Seated at a pivot on the Gaoxin Stage of the Jincheng Greenway, Guixi Eco-park is surrounded by skyscrapers in busy downtown while enjoying its unique serenity.

川报观察记者 郝飞 摄

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