Seeing Sichuan from Satellite③|Sanhe Village in Zhaojue County's Sanchahe Township: Transformation of a Poor Village


Relocation of the poor is the first priority in the war against poverty. The poverty alleviation work in Sichuan Province mainly targets the 11,501 poor villages and the 6.25 million documented poor people. Four major areas, including the Qinba Mountain Area, the Wumeng Mountain area, the Liangshan Yi Area and the Tibetan Plateau Area with 88 poor counties, are identified as the key areas for poverty alleviation.


In Da Liangshan Area, a national deeply impoverished region, we captured a satellite view of the Sanhe Village in Zhaojue County's Sanchahe Township.


Comparison between 2013 and 2020 of Sanhe Village from the view of satellite


Seated at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, Sanhe Village is a typical poor village of Yi people. This village has nearly half residents living in poverty, who have been accommodated in low-rise rammed earth houses in poor conditions for generations.


In 2018, the relocation project of Sanhe Village was fully launched. By 2019, all the villagers had moved to new places of residence.

2月11日清晨,凉山州昭觉县三岔河乡三河村村民吉好也求一家人带着行李准备搬往新居。川报观察记者 杨树 摄

On the morning of February 11, Ji Hao Ye Qiu, a villager from Sanhe Village in Sanchahe Township, prepared to move into the new home with luggage.


On February 11, 2019, the first group of 29 families in Sanhe Village moved into their new homes in the relocation area. To celebrate the joy of the relocation, local officials and the public held a collective feast.

川报观察记者 杨树 摄

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